Black Latino Asian Artist Coalition

Welcome to our space! B.L.A.A.C was founded in February 2020. It is production company located in Syracuse, NY. The goal is to broaden the scope to which minorities are portrayed in film/theatre projects. BLAAC’s Mission: To provide more opportunities to black artists and artists of color in the community. Creating safe spaces for them to come together and feel welcoming. We are an inclusive company, so we accept and work with anyone with no exception to race, religion, sex, age, orientation or gender.

Our CEO Blondean Young

Our Founder & Executive Director Blondean Young

Born and raised in Syracuse, NY Blondean Young is an actress, Singer, Writer, Producer and Director. From a young age she knew she wanted to be an artist. She has lived in New York City and Los Angeles. She has starred in many plays as well as written films and directed shows. When she decided to move back to her hometown of Syracuse she knew she wanted a change to happen. By creating BLAAC she felt change was possible, She wants BLAAC to eventually be worldwide.

  • Thank you . You being here and your support makes it possible to bring live, inclusive, innovative theater to the community.

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